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These buddies are ready for their forever home. Take a look at our dogs currently in foster care. They would love to meet you.

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Have you fallen in love with one of our adoptable dogs? Here’s what you need to do to bring your new family member home.

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Fosters and volunteers are the foundation of our rescue. Learn more about our foster and volunteer program.

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Highlighted Dogs
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  iHop (deaf)
Meet our sweetheart of a tripod, iHop.  iHop's missing leg does not slow him down and he  loves life despite his disabilities.  iHop is also deaf, but he is an intelligent boy and has learned hand signals for come, sit and down. iHop has faced and overcome his challenges in true pit bull fashion.  iHop is a very sweet dog who loves life.  He would do much more about iHop (deaf)
  Woody, aka Woodrow
Woody has such a big heart, and his love knows no bounds! Given time, the bonds he forms with "his" people are extremely strong....but it does take time. Woody will give the family that’s patient and the “right match” much joy and unconditional love. Woody tends to be insecure and can be nervous around new people. He warms up faster to women then men but men more about Woody, aka Woodrow
CHARMING & DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN SEARCHING FOR A HUMAN EXPERIENCED IN HEAD SCRATCHING WHO WOULD LOVE A PERSONAL SHADOW Mars is an out of this world sweet dog with lots of experience being a good boy, as evidenced by his sugar dusted face. He just loves people and getting attention, most especially head scratches. His foster mom says “He gets so excited to see someone more about Mars
Meet handsome Red! This guy is super sweet, goofy, and lovable! Because Red is still a puppy (he’s under the age of 2), he is a very active and energetic guy.  Red will be happiest with an active family who can give him plenty of exercise to burn off that puppy energy daily! He absolutely LOVES being outside and being around people and other dogs!  Red does more about Red
Highlighted Events
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PetSmart Adoption Event -- Saturday February 26th, 2022
PetSmart Adoption Event -- Saturday March 26th, 2022
PetSmart Adoption Event -- Saturday April 23rd, 2022
PetSmart Adoption Event -- Saturday May 28th, 2022
Rock The River FXBG -- Saturday June 4th, 2022
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