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Highlighted Dogs:
Melo Melo
Melo recently completed a 3-week positive reinforcement board and train with a private trainer. During that time, he was challenged more to listen and carry out commands when told and without the need for treats.  Melo perfected better leash walking skills and all the basic commands (sit, down, watch me, leave it, stay, a release command, wait and come). Melo is now comfortable being in a more about Melo
Penny Penny
Penny’s looks are striking and if that weren’t enough she has the most adorable head tilt.   Penny’s ideal day would consist of  running around in the backyard, going for walks, chewing on her chew bones and playing with her toys! Penny really loves to play.   When it comes to training, Penny is definitely the trifecta. She loves treats, more about Penny
Woody, aka Woodrow Woody, aka Woodrow
Woody has such a big heart! Once he bonds with “his” people, those bonds are extremely strong.... but it does take time. He warms up faster to women than men, but men are a close second; ultimately, he bonds strong with both. Woody will give the family that’s patient and the “right match” much joy and unconditional love. Woody tends to be insecure, and he can be more about Woody, aka Woodrow
Nina Nina
5-12-23 More to come on Nina soon!
Hope Hope
Looking for a Velcro dog in a perfect-sized, 55-pound package? Then look no further than our ador-a-bull Hope! This sweet girl didn't have the best start to life, but she's left all of that behind her since coming to The Furever Project! Hope, who acts more like a youngster than the senior gal that she is, has a zest for life that is truly contagious! She loves more about Hope