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Melo completed a 3-week positive reinforcement board and train with a private trainer. During that time, he was challenged more to listen and carry out commands when told and without the need for treats.  Melo perfected better leash walking skills and all the basic commands (sit, down, watch me, leave it, stay, a release command, wait and come). Melo is now comfortable being in a crate with a simple command “crate” to go in and out with ease.

Melo is very smart and learns quickly. He knows now though that the true reward is pleasing the person giving the command (a treat here and there is still nice and appreciated).  Melo would be an excellent choice for a companion for an owner who has high goals and expectations for their dogs.  

During Melo’s board and train, he had the opportunity for lots of socialization with other dogs. After proper introductions and now using an “easy” command, Melo knows how to better socialize with other dogs. Melo’s adopter will need to remember that he is still a young dog who is working on perfecting his doggy body language reading skills. Melo would prefer to have a companion that is close to his size, but not needed as he does love human affection. Melo also has met some kitties. He did very well for testing, it would depend on the kitty as a dog savvy cat would do best as Melo likes to make friends by sometimes being vocal and we don't want to scare off any new kitty friends. 

Melo has been around children of various ages and has done well with all of them. Because Melo is still young and has moments of excitement, especially when he hears children, we are recommending older children who are steady on their feet. 

Melo is an energetic youngster who would enjoy living with an active family. His energy would make him an excellent running partner (with some training), hiking buddy or dedicated, long distance walking partner.

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