Dodger's Sponsorship Page

Meet Dodger! As of August 2022 he is 15 pounds, & his veterinarian estimates he will be approximately 30 pounds when he is fully grown.

He has a very sweet temperament & loves people.
He is dog & kid friendly. He has not been cat tested.
Dodger’s favorite treats are benebones, most especially the ones that other dogs have (;
He hopes to be adopted by an active family who enjoys cuddling after activities. He loves going for walks, playing hard, then cuddling. 
Dodger is working on basic training with his foster family & looks forward to continuing his training with his adoptive family. He currently knows sit, is crated trained, & is improving his house training. He is intelligent & food motivated, which makes training fun for all involved!
While he would enjoy having a doggy sibling in his forever home, an understanding one would be best, as he is still learning how other dogs communicate when they want to stop playing. 
If you think you are Dodger’s forever family, apply to adopt him today!
If you love Dodger but cannot adopt him right now, please consider donating towards his care while he awaits his forever home & sharing his information on social media to help him find that forever home. 

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