Woody, aka Woodrow's Sponsorship Page
Woody, aka Woodrow

Woody has such a big heart, and his love knows no bounds! Given time, the bonds he forms with "his" people are extremely strong....but it does take time. Woody will give the family that’s patient and the “right match” much joy and unconditional love. Woody tends to be insecure and can be nervous around new people. He warms up faster to women then men but men are a close second; ultimately he bonds strong with both.

Because of his high-energy, Woody’s ideal home has lots of space and a yard where he can run and play. We don’t recommend a home with young children because when Woody gets excited it’s hard for him to put on the brakes quickly and he could easily knock young children down. Woody will benefit in a home where daily exercise is priority. He does enjoy going for long walks and/or runs.

Woody is extremely intelligent and a very fast learner making him a joy for people who enjoy and are passionate about training! Since he is such a fast learner, it is fun teaching him to do tricks! 

Woody lives with other dogs but he does require slow, controlled introductions. Becasue of this, Woody is not a candidate for dog parks.

Woody plays hard and is vocal during play, but only during play. Doggie siblings would need to be tolerant of his style of play.

Woody is crate trained and completely housebroken.

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