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Woody, aka Woodrow

Woody has such a big heart! Once he bonds with “his” people, those bonds are extremely strong.... but it does take time. He warms up faster to women than men, but men are a close second; ultimately, he bonds strong with both. Woody will give the family that’s patient and the “right match” much joy and unconditional love.

Woody tends to be insecure, and he can be very nervous and anxious in new situations or around new people. We believe this is because when he was a young dog he was bounced from location to location. He came to VA by way of NC. Once in VA he was at two different shelters and with two different rescue organizations before coming to The Furever Project. Our organization is committed to fining this loving, goofy, insecure guy his forever home.

Woody’s ideal home is going to have lots of space and must have a fenced yard where he can run and play (no apartment or townhouse living for this guy).

Woody would not do well in a home with young children. When he gets excited (and he does get the zoomies) it’s hard for him to put on the brakes quickly and he would easily knock down young children. Woody would benefit greatly from being in a home where daily exercise is priority. He does enjoy going for long walks and/or long runs and he can definitely go the distance! Woody does take daily medication to help with a mix of anxiety and high-energy.

Woody will do best in a home with a routine and structure. He’s very observant. When things change up on Woody, it can be hard for him to adjust. You can tell he’s trying to figure out what’s going on when the wrinkles appear in his forehead, and he looks from side-to-side trying to figure out why things are different.

Woody is extremely intelligent and a very fast learner. He loves working on trick training which can be a lot of fun. Woody would be a joy, and in some respects a challenge, for anyone who enjoys and is passionate about training!

Woody does live with other dogs but he requires slow, controlled introductions. Because of this, Woody is not a candidate for dog parks. Woody plays hard and is vocal (barking) during play, but only during play. Doggie siblings would need to be tolerant of his style of play.

Woody has been with us for over two years now and waiting for a home of his own for at least three years or more. We believe there is a home for every dog. Could Woody’s home be with you?


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