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iHop (deaf)

Meet our sweetheart of a tripod, iHop.  iHop's missing leg does not slow him down and he  loves life despite his disabilities.  iHop is also deaf, but he is an intelligent boy and has learned hand signals for come, sit and down. iHop has faced and overcome his challenges in true pit bull fashion.  iHop is a very sweet dog who loves life.  He would do much better in a rural setting; urban environments give him too much stimuli to react off of.  This rural farm boy loves riding on ATVs, tractors and riding mowers.  He would be a great farm dog because he is good with livestock and farm animals.  He does get along with other dogs and cats, but behavior needs to monitored closely for potential triggers.  He does not hear vocal warning signs from other dogs and his style of play is not always well received.    We suspect iHop suffers from some sort of PTSD.  We feel he would make a  wonderful companion to someone who has also suffered traumatic experiences. He loves to be around people and is a very good companion. iHop requires daily medication to control seizures.  

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